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Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) Unparalleled in beauty and durability, Nordmann fir Christmas trees have been a popular varietal in Europe for years, and have recently gained demand in the United States. The Nordmann fir has excellent needle retention qualities offering you a perfect choice for your holiday decorations. Nordmann firs display shiny deep-green needles that are beautifully shaped and have a lower fragrance level than other species of firs.

  • Native Area: Turkey, Georgia, Northern Armenia, and the Russian Caucasus.

The KRINNER Tree Genie (XXL)

The KRINNER Tree Genie (XXL)

The KRINNER Tree Genie (XXL) is one of the bestselling Christmas tree stands available. Invented in 1987 by Klaus Krinner and made in Germany, the Christmas Tree Genie XXL securely holds trees up to 12’ ft tall and 7” in. wide in trunk diameter. Features a single-cable-operation, 2.5 gallon water reserve tank, water level indicator, is made of a solid ABS plastic coated metal and comes with a 5 year warranty. The KRINNER tree Genie XXL is our no. 1 recommendation for a fool proof, long lasting and exquisite design for a Christmas tree stand. There is a limited yearly supply so please place your Tree Genie tree stand orders by October 1st.The KRINNER Tree Genie (XXL) comes with a 5 year manufactures warranty.

Mixed Greens Wreaths


Offering only the finest and freshest, highest quality hand selected boughs from high elevation Noble Fir stands, assuring beautiful and long lasting foliage.

Our wreaths are hand crafted and made on solid coated metal wire frames that provide excellent symmetry and conformation and multiple mounting points for hanging.

Available in several styles with or without bow in diameters from 22 to 32 inches. (55 to 82 cm).

Wreaths come in durable waxed shipping container/display case that reduces moisture loss.

Code Description Ring Size Diameter
(C2BX) Mixed Wreath w/Cones 12” 22”
(C2BXB) Mixed Wreath w/Cones & Bow 12” 22”
(C4) Mixed Wreath w/Cones 16” 28”
(C5) Mixed Wreath w/Cones 18” 32”

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