Origins of Our Trees –

Our trees hail from the serene Pacific-Northwest expanse of Oregon’s Willamette Valley. Nestled amidst the majestic Cascade Mountain Range and the tranquil Northern Pacific Coast, this locale thrives with optimal conditions for cultivating holiday Christmas trees on a global scale. With an abundance of annual precipitation and well-drained soils, it creates an idyllic environment for their growth.

Our trees commence their journey as humble seedlings. This inception marks the start of a detailed process where each tree is carefully monitored, traced, and recorded from its seed origin to the moment of harvest. This unwavering dedication ensures that only the highest quality trees reach your doorstep. Post-harvest, each tree is treated with meticulous care. With precision, they are securely wrapped and embarked on their journey to you, arriving in premium condition ready to be the centerpiece of your holiday celebrations.